We are constantly on the look out for new and innovative suppliers
Do you think you can add value to our current range?
Pls do get in touch, we would like to do business with you.
Below, are just a few guidelines you need to have, to ensure we have done the necessary due diligence.


1.     Quality is absolutely critical for us.

2.     Are you in compliance with Product Labelling regulations?

-It is mandatory to have the following on the product label of any product you wish to supply:

  1. Product Name
  2. Name and Address of Supplier
  3. Supplier’s Contact Number
  4. List of all ingredients used in the product and quantity (Requirement for Ready Meals & Snacks)
  5. Storage Conditions or Instructions for use
  6. Durability – Best Before Date or Use By Date
  7. EU Number if product contains meat / chicken / fish / dairy
  8. Barcode

3.     Is your Packaging suitable to get the necessary attention?

4.     Are you Registered to supply food products?

-Suppliers must be registered with the local authority where the product is being produced.

5.     Certification (Requirement for Frozen Ready Meals & Snacks). Do you have an EC Number for meat and fish based products?

-Suppliers providing frozen ready meals are required to have a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

If you are certain your products meet these guideline, please complete the online form below and attached a picture of the product. Our Purchasing department / buyers will aim to revert to you within a week.