Egusi (Melon seed) Vegetable soup 2Kg

Prepared with fresh Ugwu and cooked in peppers and vegetable oil. It comes with mixed meats, fish, smoked turkey and crayfish. Best enjoyed with pounded yam or other “swallow” dishes. It comes with mixed meats, smoked turkey and fish. Served in family portion.


Free platter of puff puff with all Christmas ordersRead More

Oha Soup Portion 2kg

Prepared with fresh oha leaves  and cooked with peppers as well as mixed meats, stockfish, dried fish, crayfish and prawns.… Read More

Avila Ofada Sauce 2kg

Blended red peppers and chillies fried in palm oil and ‘iru’ (fermented melon seeds). Garnished generously with bite size chunks of beef, cow foot, kpomo and tripe. Works very well with white / ofada rice, Yam porridge. Served in food to go portion… Read More

Platter of Grilled Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops marinated and grilled in rich African flavoured spices. This well seasoned lamb chops is both tasty and succulent, perfect for hosting guests.… Read More

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